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    Steve Smith

    There are two Olde Towne Facebook groups. The primary group for property owners is called Olde Towne Property Owners’ Association. If you’re a resident, this is where you’ll want to be. The group is administered by the Olde Towne Board and is a closed group. To be included, you must be invited. The person inviting you must be in the group already, and you must be “facebook friends” with this person. If you’re not friends with a member, they cannot invite you to the page. Once you are invited to the page, you must be approved by an administrator. These are Facebook rules for groups for closed groups, so that’s the way it works, and we cannot change it. If you’re a member, please help any of your neighbors with an invite, but please do not invite people who are not residents in the community. The posts are for our community only.

    The other Facebook page is also a private group, but it was started by a former resident. I’m not sure at this time who the administrator is, but you can look up the group at Olde Towne Friends and Neighbors. I believe the rules are similar to the other page, but the board has no control over the page or the administration of the page. The page is open to non-residents.

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    Thanks for the clarification Steve.

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    Gil Werntz

    Olde Towne Friends and Neighbors is not associated with the Property Owner’s Association at all. It is an independently created and administered FB group with which the POA is not involved. The OTPOA page is administered by the Board. It is actually restricted tighter than even Steve said. It is for owners and / renters only. It’s not for kids or even adult children living at home. I turned down my own kid! That was done deliberately with very specific reasons associated with uncontrolled social media nonsense and adolescent related problems occurring at that time.

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