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    Steve Smith

    Please provide any feedback, questions or suggestions for the website here.

    Thank you!

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    Melissa McGrath

    Thanks to the OTHOA for putting the site together. Just a few suggestions as it grows:

    1.) Would be great to have a professional directory where residents can list their own businesses or referrals to others.
    2.) Can “offical” HOA surveys be taken via this forum? So for example, it we were voting on a fountain for the pond – and a majority % vote is required (this of course after being presented to the board, costs assessed etc)?
    3.) Next year – would be fantastic if homeowners could pay their HOA fees online via this site.
    4.) For sale/wanted section/forum

    Again, thanks for the great work here!!

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    Steve Smith

    Thanks for the feedback, Melissa! I like the ideas. Give us some time to think through #1 and the best way to do that. As for #2, I am absolutely sure WordPress has a plugin for surveys. We’ll check in with our web company and look at this for “phase two” once participation is higher. As of right now, you can do surveys in the Facebook groups, and that’s where traffic is. 3) We’ve discussed electronic payments of some sort for a long time. We were too late with this dues round, but next year should certainly be feasible. 4) I can setup the for sale/Wanted section in the forum right now. In fact, I think you can, too. Just throw up the title like I did the other areas.

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